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"I don't have ANYTHING negative to say! This has been a fantastic way for me to spend very high-quality time with my granddaughter. Since I already knew a lot about music and was comfortable singing in parts, I didn't learn as much as some, but it was lots of fun and occasionally challenging anyway." -Vivian S.

"Sing and Swing has been a wonderful experience for us. It has been great to see Trevor's musical skills grow. Plus I really enjoy the class, too!" -Jill M.

"We loved class. My son loved going to class and he LOVES listening to the CD in the car. His favorite part was using the instruments. I am really enjoying hearing him trying to sing along with the songs that have no words now. It is tricky and I hear him trying to figure it out." -Niki R.

"My daughter and I have loved the classes, and it has been amazing to watch her grow musically. She started classes as a baby, and just sat and took it all in. Now she is 2, and she knows all the songs (although she does all her singing at home), and loves to dance and play instruments. My husband has started to come to the classes too, with our new baby, and he also has a great time. It's such a fun way to bond with our girls and enjoy them learning and playing at the same time! -Colleen G.

"This has been a great class for my son. Because of this class he loves music and becomes very happy anytime he hears it on the TV or radio." -Jennifer R.

"I loved every moment of the class at least as much as my son Declan (17mos old) did. We listen to the CD all the time at home and he dances and sings along." -Mary W.

"We love Music Together! It has built a great passion for our daughter's musical interest. We believe early musical intergration supports strong cognitive and physical development. It has also brought a common interest and activity to our family." -Lola W.

"Jenny and the class are awesome. We drive 45 minutes from Strongsville to Rocky River for class with her. We have been attending this class for a year now and my wife, daughter, and I all look forward to Saturday morning classes together." -Greg M.

"We absolutely love the program! It is amazing to me that even my 13-month old recognizes the songs and starts dancing when she hears the music." -Kristen M.

"This class has always been a fruitful and fun experience for my two children. They look forward to the class all week. Jenny has always been engaging and supportive to the kids." -Jason L.

"Thank you so much for bringing Music Together to our community, Jenny. I have been inspired and impressed by the program, your involvement, and my son's growing enthusiasm. The most amazing thing to me is his ability to remember the songs from past sessions... and that I'm not bored (or annoyed) from playing the songs in my car over and over for weeks/months/years as I have been with other children's music. So grateful for the opportunity to keep music alive in my family!" -Kristin H.

"I was very impressed with the entire session and the interaction with the instructor. The instructor was great at pulling everyone (parents, grandparents, children, guests, etc), into each session. I felt like the sessions were well-planned and fast-paced, which worked well for the age of our child. At the end of the entire semester we felt our child focused more intently on the musical content and showed growth at home when using the CD and sing-along booklet." -Ely W.

"Music Together has helped not only in developing my daughter's musical abilities but also with communication and socialization." -Dan G.

"We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Music Together. Sharing music as a family is an incredible experience and these classes have genuinely established a love of singing and dancing in each of my children. We look forward to new songs each semester and appreciate all the energy and expertise that our instructor has to offer. Classes are dynamic and engaging and help us to spontaneously create music throughout each and every day. We love that we are all able to participate together and look forward to many years of enjoying music in this delightful way." -Alyssa C.

"Class size is good. Jen is creative and involving. Looked forward to class!" -Laura S.
"My son was younger than a year and enjoyed the class very much. We still sing quite a few of the songs at home and after attending a demo he started doing the 5 bee song at home (even though he was a bit shy in the class)." -Heather H.