Getting The Most Out of Music Together


Music Together is all about singing and moving with and for your child. The more you can model musical behaviors, the more you will see your child emulating you and experimenting with her own musical expression.

Let your child participate at his or her own ability or willingness. Don’t worry if your child doesn't participate in every movement or song. Often, when a child does not appear to be paying attention, he or she may simply be taking a break to process all the musical information that has been presented.

Encourage through your own participation, not through verbal or non-verbal coaching. When you clap and sing, your child will follow your lead! No need to grab those hands and clap for him! When your child is ready to participate, he will.

Follow-up and build on the activities we do in class at home. Listen to the Music Together CDs with your child, and sing the songs throughout the day. The Music Together Songbook offers suggestions on appropriate uses of the music for playtime, mealtime, bathtime and bedtime.

Try to come to class with a child who is fed and rested and do your best to show up on-time. If you are running late, sing the Hello Song in the car so your child is ready for the Music Together experience.

We are here to nurture musical development in your child and to strengthen and encourage your comfort level with musical experiences. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help!